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I’m Bertel Torp, a software developer based in Denmark. I build quality software solutions for public affairs professionals.

I thrive in the field between software, business and politics and my passion is building out functional and maintainable applications that provide endusers with momentum to reach and exceed their goals.

As cofounder and CEO of Ulobby. I have taken on the responsibility of leading an ambitious company towards ambitious goals. It's an exciting and liberating endeavour that constantly presents new challenges and leaves very little free time for other obligations. In the little time I have I enjoy helping other startups and founders so whether you need consult on a MVP, help to untangle a code base riddled with technical debt, or pitch-feedback I can probably help. As a developer, I'm proficient in PHP, JS and Python, but I’m no stranger to devops or frontend dev.

Send me an email if you have a project you would like to talk about.

[email protected]